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Photocard holder standee (photocard holder does NOT have a hole to make it a keychain) with a base and mini standee of your favorite kpop member! 


Product Description:

Photocard holder (assembled on stand)

  • 2.5" w x 4" h x 2" d
  • Will hold official photocard size. May not hold unofficial/fanmade photocards.


Mini Standee/Keychain

  • Standee is approximately 2.5"
  • Includes base (with band logo and member name)


Right now, because I have limited quantities, I will not be selling pc holders and mini standees separately. They will be available separately in the future!


**Photocard not included

PC Holder + Small Standee/Keychain

  • See the F.A.Q. page for information on shipping and refunds/cancellations.

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